What are the taxes and costs once you decide to bottle?

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There are some variables associated with bottling, so these are not hard figures but will help give you an approximate idea of the costs to bottle a cask.

(1) Storage: We include storage and insurance for 5 years for all casks sold.  After this, the storage and insurance cost is £65/year.

(2) Bottling: The cost to bottle a cask is approximately £5-£15 per bottle.  This varies based on the design, packaging and other factors — But gives you a ballpark range.

(3) Taxes: This is largely dependent on the destination of the bottles.  The cask will be bottled under bond, so the only taxes which will be due during that process will be VAT on the services provided for bottling (filling bottles, applying labels, etc.).  When the bottles are removed from bond, local taxes will apply.  In the UK the taxes are £28.74+VAT per litre of pure alcohol.  So, as an example, £10.06+VAT per 70cl if bottled at 50% ABV). If you are exporting to another country you’d need to check on the taxes applicable to that location.

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