Can I take physical delivery of a cask?

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When you purchase a cask, you can’t take physical possession of the whisky until the time it is bottled. As per Scottish Whisky Regulations, Scotch whisky casks must remain in a bonded warehouse in Scotland until they are bottled. This allows for oversight of the liquid to ensure the integrity of Scotch whisky.

The industry wants to ensure that no matter who owns a cask that it remains under government oversight so that upon bottling the provenance of the liquid can be verified. They want to be able to prove that any bottle that says “Scotch Whisky” actually contains Scotch Whisky.

The great thing about these rules for an investor is that when you purchase a cask you can rest easy knowing that this same level of oversight helps you rest easy knowing that the whisky that is claimed to be in the cask can be traced back to the date and distillery where it originated.

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