How long should I hold a whisky investment?

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This is entirely up to you, but in general we recommend a medium to long term hold. (10+ years) With this said, some investors utilise a shorter term strategy. It really depends on your investment objectives.

When you hold a cask of whisky over a longer period it will experience more significant rises in value. Many investors have found that this makes whisky a great tool to pass wealth from one generation to the next.

The three primary factors that drive the growth of whisky casks:

(1) The supply of available liquid for a given age is reduced after each year of maturation due to some casks being consumed

(2) A portion of the liquid contained in a cask evaporates each year, what is known as the angels share, further reducing available supplies

(3) Whisky continues to mature only when it is contained in a cask, meaning that holding a cask for a longer period allows you to own or pass down an asset that is quite literally getting better with time.

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