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Bringing A Historic Legacy To The United States

Scotland is a country of exceptional beauty and abundant nature, and whisky is its most valued resource. For centuries the people of Scotland have perfected the art of distillation and maturation to create what today is now the world’s most precious spirit.

From the rolling hills of Speyside to the wind-swept shores of Islay, whisky has always been integral to Scottish culture and has now become the backbone of its vibrant economy. Scotch whisky is a source of pride and a symbol of a nation’s heritage.

Now you have the chance to own a unique part of that historic legacy.

The International Whisky Cask Investment Brokerage

Braeburn, an international whisky cask investment advisor with offices in the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia, are now bringing the opportunity to invest in one of the fastest-growing tangible assets on the market to investors in the United States.

Now fully licensed to operate in the US market, Braeburn Whisky is committed to helping US investors unlock the power of whisky cask investment to build stronger and higher yielding portfolios.

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Outperforming Traditional Asset Classes

The analysis released by Braeburn Whisky compared the performance of five traditional financial benchmarks to that of the BC20 Whisky Cask Index.

Over the past 4 years, the BC20 Index has continued to show the most consistent growth among all the asset classes, demonstrating the remarkable stability of the whisky cask market and its ability to withstand outside economic shocks.

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Put The Power Of Whisky Into Your Portfolio

In the United States, Braeburn Whisky will be pioneering a portfolio management system based on offering investment casks from emerging distilleries with a bright future, giving investors the chance to enter the market at the perfect moment and then reap the rewards once the whisky is ready to come to market.

Investment opportunities in the United States are only available to accredited investors. Click here to schedule a consultation to learn more.

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Partnering With
Emerging Scottish

For the United States market Braeburn Whisky has developed a unique cask investment opportunity based on a partnership with emerging distilleries.

Our partners have been carefully vetted to ensure products meet the highest standards of quality and the distillery team has a long-term vision for growth. These factors are imperative to ensure that investors are best placed to profit from their holdings.

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An Investment You Can Experience

Whisky cask investment is more than just numbers on a screen, it is a journey that should be enjoyed along the way.

In order to help you start that journey, request an invite to join Braeburn Whisky at our tasting room in Midtown Manhattan. Guests will be treated to exclusive events, investor seminars and a selection of rare whisky you won’t find anywhere else.

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