Whisky has blossomed into an enormous industry that generates more than £5 billion in annual sales volume. Many manufacturers, distilleries and investors have managed to make great fortunes as the spirit has proliferated around the globe. Now, you have the opportunity to add whisky investments to your portfolio.

What Is Whisky Investment?

Once the whisky is removed from the cask and bottled, the aging process stops. Bottled whisky does not mature with age, its characteristics will remain the same indefinitely and any appreciation in value will be solely dictated by changes in demand for the particular release. For this reason, the purchase of casks offers a far more compelling investment opportunity. By holding whisky casks, investors can realize dual channels of price appreciation in order to achieve maximum returns.

The Power Of Maturation

Whisky in the cask remains active. Though the minimum period of maturation by law in Scotland is three years in oak casks, many whiskies mature for much longer. The more time the spirit spends in the cask, the more it mellows and draws both colour and flavour from the wood. Whether it’s in a first fill ex-bourbon barrel or a venerable old sherry butt, whisky continues to improve and increase in value over decades.

How To Invest In Whisky Casks:

The key to building a whisky cask portfolio is understanding the simple 4-step process.

01. Investor Verification

The very first step is to verify that you meet accredited investor requirements as defined by the SEC. Braeburn Whisky will not sell casks to individuals who do not meet this criteria. For an individual to be classified as an accredited investor they must have more than $1 million in assets (excluding their primary residence) or have annual earnings which exceed $200,000 for the last two calendar years.


02. Cask Selection

In order to get started, the first step is finding casks that meet your investment objectives. Our team will take a careful look at your budget, desired holding period and personal preferences to recommend a whisky portfolio perfectly suited to you. You will then be able to choose from a selection of cask offerings from categories that are positioned to achieve these goals. . This is an exciting process that allows you to evaluate portfolios of whisky casks produced at emerging distilleries from across Scotland.

03. Acquisition

After selecting your portfolio the next step is to finalise the purchase and transfer cask ownership to you. Upon completion, you will receive a title certificate for each cask and access to our online portal where you can monitor your investments. The simple acquisition process typically takes 3-5 days from the time that the purchase agreement is signed and payment has been received.

Our goal is to use our unparalleled relationships to build whisky portfolios that are positioned for long term growth.

Jacob Daniels

Senior Portfolio Manager,
Braeburn Whisky


04. Storage

All whisky casks are held in your name at a government bonded warehouse until they are either sold or transported to a bottling facility. Scotch whisky regulations require that all casks be held in bond with detailed record keeping to ensure provenance. For enthusiasts who would like to see or even sign their cask, visits to the bonded warehouse can be arranged.

05. Exit

When it comes time to realise the profit from your investment, Braeburn helps you capture maximum value from each cask. Investors can set an asking price and offer the cask for sale with the click of a button through our online platform. Sales are quickly facilitated through an extensive network of independent bottlers, auction houses and investors.