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In the United States, Braeburn Whisky offers a limited number of investment-grade cask portfolios from emerging distilleries with a bright future, giving investors the chance to enter the market at the perfect moment before the distillery jumps into the limelight.

Investment portfolios offered by Braeburn consist of multiple casks sold as a single lot at a total buy-in starting from $50,000. All investments are sold exclusively to accredited investors, as defined by the SEC. (click here for requirements)

Braeburn Whisky continues to expand the selection of investment offerings by partnering with new distilleries and sourcing casks that are positioned for growth. To find out first about new investments, schedule a consultation.

Partnering With
Emerging Scottish

A number of factors should be taken into account when choosing which distilleries to invest in. Among them, the dedication to the creation of a distinctive and exceptional spirit, the experience and capabilities of the team involved and the vision for long-term growth, backed up by significant investment and an attractive brand strategy. At Braeburn Whisky we have selected what we believe to be the distilleries with the brightest future in Scotland. A profitable future that we now invite you to become a part of.

A selection of these partnerships is highlighted below. To discuss investment opportunities from these distilleries and others, click here to schedule a consultation.

Falkirk Distillery

Producing exceptional Lowland single malt in the industrial heartland of Scotland.

The founders embarked on the dream of building their own Lowland Whisky distillery over 10 years before that dream would come to fruition.The family’s journey has mirrored the whisky process where time and patience produces the finest results.This, coupled with The Founder’s steely determination and courage to take the road less travelled has led to a distillery that is raising the bar.

Every inch of the distillery from the laying of the first stone, to the hand crafted copper pagodas and the traditional bonded warehouse has been built to try and respect and mirror what whisky is about: ‘place, people, family and the future’.Whisky is about tomorrow and tomorrow will surely be a better day….

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Annandale Distillery

Established in 1836, Reborn 2014. Annandale is reviving the legacy of one of Scotland’s oldest operating distilleries.

After rigorous testing the team at Annandale Distillery have succeeded in their mission in producing a quality Lowland spirit that delightsthe senses. A heady mixture of both geography and age, with the finest raw ingredients kindly nurtured have produced an ‘exceptional new make spirit’.With a growing number of accolades from critics, this distillery is well positioned to rise the ranks of the industry in the years to come.

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Burn O’ Bennie

Combining the artistry of world-class craftsmen with modern sustainability practices.

Burn O’Bennie is pushing the boundaries with innovative distilling processes whilst focusing on our core value of sustainability. The process removes 50% heat, power & water requirements due to the concentrated wash. Combining speciality malts, long fermentation and brewing to an ABV double the industry standard (at nearly 14%) produces a wash packed with flavour. The mash bills include pale, crystal & chocolate malt adding depth & richness to the spirit.

Burn O’Bennie work with recognisable names such as; Ex-Beavertown Head Brewer Jenn Merrick, Oakwood founder Brent Bowie, Whisky Writer Charles MacLean and Former Macallan Master Distiller & Holyrood Distillery Founder David Robertson.

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