Why We Love Springbank Casks:

  • Based in Campbeltown, Scotland’s smallest whisky region

  • All whisky is non-chill filtered and natural colour

  • 100% of the barley comes from traditional floor malting methods

  • The only distillery in Scotland to produce three distinct malts at one site

  • Owned by the same family for 5 generations

Distillery Information


Year founded:

Operational/ Active

J&A Mitchell and Co.

750,000 litres/yr

“Known as the ‘whisky drinker’s whisky’, Springbank is definitely a dram for connoisseurs”.

Average Historical Growth

Campbeltown: 11.74%

On average, casks from the Campbeltown region have observed annual capital growth of 11.74% across varying lengths of maturation.

Industry: 12.84%

The whisky industry has observed 12.84% average annual growth across all distilleries, cask types and maturities.

Springbank Distillery Index

This graph represents the relative change in the value of a representative set of Springbank casks tracked over time. The average annual growth for casks from Springbank distillery observed over the past 5 years has been 13.62%.

Current Availability

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