Why We Love Highland Park

  • Part of Edrington’s super premium spirit lineup, alongside The Macallan.

  • The distillery has an illicit past, but has flourished nonetheless.

  • It is the north-most distillery in the world.

  • Peat produced in Orkney’s unforgiving weather conditions give the spirit a unique floral character, unlike any other in Scotland.

  • Uses cool maturation for a higher alcohol content and hand-turned malt for a unique smokiness.

Distillery Information


Year founded:

Operational / Active


2.5 million litres/yr

“Highland Park has gone from strength to strength to now become one of the best distilleries in Scotland”

Average Historical Growth

Islands: 11.74%

On average, casks from the Islands region have observed annual capital growth of 11.74% across varying lengths of maturation.

Industry: 12.84%

The whisky industry has observed 12.84% average annual growth across all distilleries, cask types and maturities.

Current Availability

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