Why We Love The Glenlivet

  • Light and delicate spirit thanks to taller stills

  • The Glenlivet is the best-selling malt whisky in the USA

  • The Glenlivet range consists of 14 single malt whiskies

  • Used in the production of brands like Chivas Regal

  • Award winning Master Whisky Maker Alan Winchester

Distillery Information


Year founded:

Operational/ Active

Pernod Ricard

6 million litres/yr

“Often considered ‘the definitive Speyside malt’, The Glenlivet provides”

Average Historical Growth

Speyside: 11.74%

On average, casks from the Speyside region have observed annual capital growth of 11.74% across varying lengths of maturation.

Industry: 12.84%

The whisky industry has observed 12.84% average annual growth across all distilleries, cask types and maturities.

Glenlivet Distillery Index

This graph represents the relative change in the value of a representative set of Glenlivet casks tracked over time. The average annual growth for casks from Glenlivet distillery observed over the past 5 years has been 13.35%.

Current Availability

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