At Braeburn our first step is helping you understand the whisky industry and how the purchase process works. Purchasing a cask can seem overwhelming at first, but our team will make the process simple! Here is how the process works:

(1) Select a Cask. Our team will help you find an iconic cask from an esteemed distillery.

(2) Payment & Transfer. Upon receiving payment, title for the cask will transfer. You receive a certificate of ownership detailing your investment.

(3) Storage. Casks must be stored in a government bonded Scottish warehouse. We help you arrange all transportation and logistics.

(4) Visitation & Sampling. You are free to visit your cask at it’s Scottish home anytime. Find your cask in the warehouse and enjoy a dram. Or, we can send you samples from your cask.

(5) Exit. Upon realization, Braeburn can arrange to sell your cask at the best price through our extensive network of brokers, dealers and auction houses.

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