Looking into diversifying your portfolio with Scottish whisky? Casks offer a rare investment opportunity with the potential for significant returns. Whisky casks are a unique opportunity to purchase an asset which naturally increases in value as it matures. Our team will help educate you about the different types of investment-grade whisky so you can find the perfect product to complement your portfolio. We offer full service for your whisky investments which includes title transfer, storage, monitoring, brokering and even bottling. Braeburn is all about making whisky investing simple, minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

Cask Visitation Rights

With Braeburn, your cask – and the vintage whisky within it – is yours to enjoy whenever you wish. Cask owners are welcome to visit their cask in Scotland and sample its contents as it matures. But you don’t have to come to Scotland to test your cask – although we would certainly welcome your visit. Upon instruction, a sample can be drawn from your cask and shipped worldwide for your appreciation.

Outperforming Returns

Whisky investing is on the rise and for good reason. With increasing uncertainty in global currency and financial markets, investors are looking to diversify their portfolios with non-traditional tangible assets. Historically whisky has been viewed as purely a passion investment. But with record prices at auction houses, rising global demand and limited supply; high-growth investors are taking note. Year after year whisky has out-performed traditional asset classes including gold, silver and real estate. Whisky is a truly unique tangible asset which will always have value. People aren’t going to stop purchasing whisky, no matter how tough things get. In fact, whisky has remained sheltered from the ups and downs of other industries. Even in turbulent market cycles, whisky has risen in value.


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