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Braeburn, the world’s premier whisky cask investment advisor in the UK, Europe and Asia, is now bringing the opportunity to invest in one of the fastest-growing tangible assets on the market to investors in the United States.

Now fully licensed to operate in the US market, Braeburn Whisky is committed to helping US investors unlock the power of whisky cask investment to build stronger and higher yielding portfolios.

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The current inflationary environment has added a premium to assets that are able to provide security and hedge against inflation. Whisky casks are a robust option for diversifying portfolios towards safer ground.

Scotch whisky gains steady value over time as it matures in the cask. The value of a cask of whisky can grow exponentially, as anyone who buys a bottle of whisky can see when comparing the price of a 10-year-old with a 15-year-old bottle of Scotch.

The Scotch whisky industry is now experiencing unprecedented growth, with distilleries currently unable to keep up with the strong global demand for single malt—this represents a unique opportunity for investors who are able to access this limited stock.

Furthermore, all Scotch whisky casks must be kept in a government bonded warehouse until the time comes to bottle the whisky. This ensures traceability and avoids the counterfeiting risks associated with other similar assets.

Once you have purchased a cask from Braeburn Whisky, that cask will be held in your name. With the expert advice of your portfolio manager, you can decide the best time to sell, change to another type of cask for finishing, or even to bottle it yourself.

I am very much looking forward to introducing you personally to the opportunities provided by Whisky cask investment.

Samuel Gordon
Braeburn Whisky, Managing Director, USA

Why Braeburn Whisky

Braeburn’s managed investment model gives private and corporate investors the rare opportunity to take part in the fast-growing market for whisky casks. Your Braeburn Portfolio Manager will help you to build a portfolio tailor-made to your goals, taking care of the whole process, from initial purchase to successful exit.

In the United States, Braeburn Whisky will be pioneering a portfolio management system based on offering investment casks from emerging distilleries with a bright future, giving investors the chance to enter the market at the perfect moment and then reap the rewards once the whisky is ready to come to market.

This opportunity is only available to accredited investors and there is a minimum buy-in to begin a portfolio. Please contact us directly for more information.

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An exclusive experience for our investors

We believe that whisky cask investment is a journey that should be enjoyed in more ways than one.

We would therefore be delighted to welcome you to our Manhattan office at 145 W 57th for any of our special events, including whisky tastings and investor seminars.