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Why will you love Braeburn?

1. Broad Selection

Choose from more than 50 casks in stock.

2. Open Door Policy

Visitors are always welcome. We can show you available casks.

3. Leading Distilleries

Our casks come from leading distilleries across Scotland that have a fervent international following.

4. Wholesale Prices

Buying an entire cask allows you to purchase whisky at the lowest price, and capitalize on the increase in value as the liquid matures.

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Who Do We Work With?

Individual Investors

We help investors protect and build wealth by leveraging the power of whisky casks.

Investment Funds

We help investment funds incorporate whisky casks as part of a well diversified asset allocation.

Independent Bottlers

We help independent bottlers purchase whisky casks to be bottled and publicly released.


We help distilleries sell casks to manage cash flow and purchase casks to produce blended expressions.

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